Offensive Billboard Gets The Message

Family First NZ is supporting the actions of advocacy group Voice Waikato who have protested this morning against an offensive billboard in the Hamilton CBD.

The billboard says “Would you rather watch porn with your Mum or your sister?” and advertises a ready-to-drink alcoholic beverage from DB Breweries. In response, Voice Waikato has put up a sign saying “This is offensive – porn hurts women and children.”

“This is a billboard which will be seen by many people including children and families,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “It is offensive to many, and ignores the harm that pornography is doing in our community and the contribution it makes to family breakdown, addiction, aggressive sexual behavior, sex role stereotyping, and viewing people simply as sexual objects.”

“Voice Waikato has taken action in a way many families would like to against offensive billboards, because the Advertising Standards Authority is a ‘toothless wonder’ that is simply being ignored by the advertising industry.”

“Children should not be exposed to the porn industry in any way, and we must do everything we can to retain that protection.”

Family First NZ is calling on a pre-vetting of all billboards with a committee that has specialists who understand the effect of sexual and offensive billboards on children and families and will advocate for their protection.

“It’s time we started thinking about children first,” says Mr McCoskrie. “Families are sick to death of being confronted with offensive material as they drive along motorways and through city streets.”

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