Green Party Soft on Pedophiles

Family First NZ is slamming the Green party as being soft on pedophiles after they were the only party in Parliament to vote against the Parole (Extended Supervision Orders) Amendment bill.

This bill was to remove two loopholes which affected the ability to supervise child-sex offenders. The first loophole was to clarify whether parole-type conditions could be imposed after 12 months after release, and the second loophole related to offenders being able to not agree to comply with residential conditions.

In an excellent display of political co-operation, all of Parliament agreed to rush this law through – except for the Green party.

“The Greens campaigned on a child saying “vote for me”. But this doesn’t seem to extend to victims of pedophiles and protection against sexual abuse,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “The Green party should hang their heads in shame.”

“They are more interested in civil liberties than the need to protect children which should be our paramount consideration. The welfare of children takes priority over sex offenders who present a high risk of offending.”

“But this is consistent with how the Greens have treated other similar issues,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“They also voted against increasing prison sentences for possession of child pornography from two years to five years, voted against the ‘P’ drug being treated as a Class A drug, voted against raising the drinking age, and are known to want to decriminalise marijuana.”

“When you consider the harm that sexual abuse and drugs and alcohol are causing our society, our families, and our children, it is ironic and tragic that they have been more interested in criminalising a parent who uses a smack as part of good parental correction but are willing to be soft on child-sex offenders.”


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