Ministry of Justice Street Prostitution Review ‘Farcical’

Family First NZ says that the just-released Ministry of Justice Review of Street-Based Prostitution in Manukau City is farcical and fails to address the significant concerns of residents and communities.

“Instead, it places the onus on the local businesses and residents to provide rubbish bins for condom and syringe disposal, improve the cleaning of private car parking facilities, and have 24-hour toilets,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“It also calls on the Council to enforce liquor bans and for the Police to provide foot patrols, but seems to stumble on the concept of supporting the wishes of the local community and Council, and banning street prostitution in these areas.”

“The report correctly highlights the concerns about the presence of street-based prostitution in these areas, including ‘noise, antisocial behaviour (including sexual acts occurring in public places) and litter (including used condoms, syringes, bottles and food wrappers and human waste)’.”

“Ironically they highlight the success of the Ipswich (UK) Street Prostitution Strategy, but this strategy was to ‘deter and prevent street prostitution’, and assist prostitutes ‘to exit the industry’,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“During the debate on the decriminalisation of prostitution, the National party said that ‘councils should have the right to control the business of prostitution and to keep the business activity of prostitution off their streets if that is the council’s decision’.”

“It’s time that National as government delivered on that pledge and respected the Manukau City Council’s wish that street prostitution be made illegal,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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