Kapiti Coast Ignores Voice of Community on Nudity

Family First NZ says that the Kapiti Coast District Council is showing incredible arrogance by riding rough-shod over the overwhelming opposition to the removal of a bylaw restricting nudity on its beaches.

“Despite 93% of submitters opposing the removal of a bylaw along with 1,000 signatures in various petitions, the Council is being recommended to ignore them and liberalise the law anyway,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “This is an incredibly arrogant display of anti-democratic behaviour.”

“Ironically, they have no such problem with placing restrictions on two wheeled motorcycles, horses, and smoking. It appears that the rights of horses and bike-riders are greater than the concerns and protection of families.”

“There is not a single good reason for removing the bylaw, and this has been reinforced by the ratepayers and visitors to the region. The argument that Council enforcement officers have no powers of arrest and that it’s the police’s job is hypocritical in light of the Council’s stance of legislating around the use of horses and bikes on the beach.”

“Families stay clear of nude beaches for a good reason. They don’t want their children being confronted by naked men and women. Kapiti Coast is effectively making it a free-for-all with no consideration for the views of parents.”

Family First NZ is calling on the full Council of the Kapiti Coast to ‘bin’ the recommendations and to respect the views and wishes of the community by retaining the bylaw.

It also wants the government to amend the Crimes Act and Summary Offences Act so that the precedent to allow public nudity, set in past cases by liberal judges including the recent Boobs on Bikes decision, can be overturned.

“There’s a place for nudity, but it is certainly not on our main streets or beaches which families use,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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