Govt Can Save $8m By Fixing Smacking Law Now

Family First NZ says that the government can save the taxpayer the $8 million cost on the August postal referendum and simply fix the anti-smacking law now.

“It is incredible that in the midst of a recession and news of the government’s books so deeply in the red that they will be spending that amount of money to tell them what they already know – that the law should be fixed,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“If the government is serious about cost cutting, tightening our financial belts and prioritised spending to the frontline, it makes far more sense to amend the law and divert that amount of money to more teachers, nurses, doctors and cops.”

“The law can be easily fixed by removing the criminality of parents who use reasonable force for the purpose of correcting their children but at the same time having clear statutory limits on what constitutes reasonable force. This could be achieved through adopting the Boscawen private members bill which is similar to the Borrows amendment which the National party was supporting before being ‘whipped’ to vote for the current confusing law.”

“NZ’ers are crying out for politicians to listen to the voice of the people and to tackle the real causes of child abuse without criminalising and threatening good parents with investigation and interference from already overworked police and CYF social workers,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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