Parenting in NZ Put on Trial

Family First NZ says that parenting has been put on trial in Christchurch this week.

Its comments come as a result of the acquittal of Christchurch dad Jimmy Mason for allegedly assaulting his children.

“Parenting in New Zealand was put on trial today,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “The politicians have dealt a heavy legislative blow to parents, and parents have every right to be concerned. It is not surprising that recent research has found that only a third of parents believe that the government sees their role as either important or very important.”

“Jimmy Mason is not the perfect parent – and he would be the first to admit that – but he was simply dealing with an urgent situation with the instinct of a parent who wanted to prevent further injury to his kids and to bring things quickly under control. He acted as many concerned parents would.”

“To suggest that his actions are similar to child abusers is an insult to all good parents in NZ.”

“It’s time that we stopped ‘demonizing’ parents in NZ. Yes there are some rotten parents out there but we have set the standard so high that even the best intentioned parents are being viewed with suspicion. It’s time the politicians, NGO’s and Families and Children’s Commission gave well-intentioned parents some respect.”

Family First NZ is challenging National party leader John Key to examine the facts of this case to see that good parents are being investigated – and in some cases prosecuted – under the anti-smacking law, despite the promise that his so-called compromise would protect these parents.

“NZ’ers have no confidence in this law and it should be scrapped,” says Mr McCoskrie. “Parents deserve the support of the state – not criminalisation.”


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