Bob McCoskrie: Families Commission – An Outsider’s View

Bob McCoskrie – National Director Family First
Published in Christchurch Press 3 June 2009

Let’s be honest. The Families Commission was set up by the previous Labour government as a sop to the United Future party with its then eight MP’s. United Future had run on a strong pro-family platform. Ironically, this kept in power a government who then rammed through a number of anti-family pieces of legislation including the decriminalisation of prostitution, the anti-smacking law, the ‘white elephant’ Civil Unions and Relationships legislation, opposed notifying parents when their teenagers wanted an abortion, and opposed raising the drinking age.
But back to the Families Commission. Some still hoped that it would listen and advocate for the views of families. Unfortunately they failed their biggest test when they blindly followed the government’s lead and supported the anti-smacking law without consulting the very people they were appointed to represent. Dr Pryor suggests that the anti-smacking law will help prevent family violence. The problem is that a smack on the bottom is not violent, an assault or child abuse. The ban on smacking can be compared to attempting to deal with boy racers by taking vehicles off senior citizens because we all know that boy-racing starts with driving a car!

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