Sex Education Begins At Home Not School

Family First NZ says that Family Planning Association should butt out of primary and intermediate schools with their sex education programmes and should instead resource and empower parents to educate their children.

“Parents should not be undermined by FPA resources which fail to take into account the emotional and physical development of each child and the values of the family,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The argument that puberty is happening earlier simply doesn’t wash as not all girls are entering puberty earlier.”

“Parents know their children the best and should determine the best timing and most appropriate way to tackle this topic. A valueless ‘one size fits all’ approach by FPA is far too simplistic and can even be harmful, as has been evidence by our teenage pregnancy rate.”

“Research has shown that even teenagers acknowledge that the ‘we don’t want you to do it but here’s how if you do’ approach sends the wrong message.”

“Schools have become ‘one-stop shops’ for raising our children and dealing with every social issue. It’s time we empowered parents to fulfil this important role of preparing their own children. Parents can feel overawed by ‘the sex talk’ so resources should be put in to helping them understand how best to educate their children,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“There seems to be a basic assumption that parents know nothing about sex and that only FPA and teachers do. This is a myth and is being perpetuated by these resources being pushed into schools.”

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