Latest Smacking Poll – Same Result

Family First NZ says the latest poll on smacking shows that the opposition to non-abusive smacking remains minimal and the law should be changed now rather than after a costly Referendum.

“The Yahoo online poll has had over 16,000 votes and shows huge support for parents using a smack for the purpose of correction,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “This poll simply reflects every independent poll done both before the law was changed and after the law was changed.”

The question asks “Is smacking an acceptable form of punishment for kids?”

35% (5696 votes) responded ‘Yes, if they need a short, sharp shock’ and 52% (8451 votes) said ‘Sometimes – if the situation demands it.”

Only 11% (1870 votes) said ‘No, it’s never okay’, and 2% were undecided.

Family First is calling on the government to adopt the Chester Borrows amendment (subsequently introduced through a Private Members Bill from ACT MP John Boscawen) and establish a Commission of Enquiry into tackling the real causes of child abuse.

“We owe it to good parents to get this law right,” says Mr McCoskrie. “Let’s target the real causes of child abuse – not real parents.”

Curia Research Mar 08 83% want law changed to allow light smacking
Research International Feb 2008 74% parents should be able to smack
Curia Research May 08 85% want law changed to allow light smacking
TVNZ June 08 85% NO – do you think anti-smacking law should stay
NZ Herald Online Poll 25 June 2008 Should there be a referendum on the smacking legislation at this year’s election?
Yes: 3746 (81%) No: 878 (19%) Total Votes: 4624
Otago Daily Times 28 June 08 68% up to parents to decide
(280 votes) 21% children should be legally protected
11% depends on the case July 2008 One year on, do you think the anti-smacking Bill has proved to be effective?   
Yes (7%)       
No (87%)       
Unsure (7%)
NZ Herald Sep 08 Should smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in NZ 86% No
Online 90% (2800 votes)    

MARAE DigiPoll (1,000 Maori voters) 80% Apr 2007 70% (43,000 votes!) Zenago Internet Solutions
Treasures website Apr 2007 85% (1972 votes)
Waikato Times Apr 4 2007 87%
TV3 TNS Mar 29 2007 69% (70% support smacking) **
TVNZ Colmar Brunton Mar 26 2007 83%
Research NZ Mar 26 2007 73%
Bay of Plenty Times Text Poll Mar 26 2007 94.6%
TV3 Website poll Mar 14 2007 89%
NZ News – Yahoo .com Mar 13 2007 92% (7643 votes)
TV3 News Poll Mar 2007 83%
NZ Herald Feb 2007 90% (3874 votes)
TVNZ website Feb 2007 87%
STUFF website July 2006 82% (6700 votes!)
TVNZ website July 2006 88%
Bay of Plenty Times May 2006 83%
Child Abuse Conference Feb 2006 82%
STUFF website Feb 2006 84%
Dominion Post Feb 2006 82%
STUFF website March 2005 86%
NZ Herald July 2005 71%
STUFF website June 2005 82%


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