Sheryl Savill and the Anti-Smacking Referendum

We have received a number of enquiries regarding the proposer of the petition calling for a Referendum on the anti-smacking law.

Sheryl Savill is a South Auckland mum of two young children. She is married. She happens to work for one of the organisations opposing the current anti-smacking law but her role as proposer is simply because of being a concerned mum.

She is featured on a video which is part of the VoteNO campaign and can be seen on the website

Sheryl is currently in the US on a family holiday for 2 weeks – booked at the beginning of the year – and is therefore unavailable for media enquiries.

As discussed prior to her departure, the Referendum will only be withdrawn if the law is amended so that parents who use a light smack for the purpose of correction are not criminalized under the law. This could happen by the government adopting the Chester Borrows amendment which National was supporting until they were whipped to vote for the current law. There is also a call for a non-political Commission of Enquiry into the real causes of child abuse.

The responsibility for the Referendum continuing currently lies fairly and squarely with the government.


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