John Key Has the Numbers – And the Proof

Family First NZ says that the Prime Minister John Key has the numbers to amend the anti-smacking law and prevent a costly Referendum resulting from previous political deafness, and he also has the proof of good parents being prosecuted under the anti-smacking law.

“The Prime Minister’s claims that he doesn’t know whether he has the numbers to amend the law and prevent the law are unfounded and untested,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “Virtually all of the National caucus before the election was supporting the Borrows amendment. Our understanding is that the current National Caucus has not been tested on this issue. National and ACT can amend this law immediately and save the country an expensive Referendum. There may even be Labour MP’s who were previously whipped to vote for the law who would support the amendment.”

“The PM also says that the focus on the recession is more important than the anti-smacking law. Yet latest figures on child abuse reported in the Christchurch Press show an incredible 2/3’rds of notifications to CYF requiring no further action.”

“By correcting the anti-smacking law to avoid unnecessary investigation and interventions, and with $433 million being budgeted for CYF according to Treasury papers, the $9 million on the Referendum is not just about a flawed law but correcting an expensive exercise in mis-defining real abuse.”

“Mr Key also has cases presented to him by Family First of good parents being prosecuted under the law that have been independently examined by a senior police officer.”

“The Prime Minister has run out of reasons for not amending the anti-smacking law and thereby saving the country the cost of a Referendum. He should act now,” says Mr McCoskrie. “As an elected representative, the message is clear to the politicians.”

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