PM May Be Ignoring Referendum But Voters Aren’t

Family First NZ is welcoming news from the Electoral Enrolment Centre today that more than 25,000 people have enrolled or updated their enrolment details to take part in the upcoming Referendum on the anti-smacking law.

“This is an average of 2,000 people per day and shows that the Prime Minister may say the Referendum is irrelevant but the voters think otherwise,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The figure is significant especially because most motivated people would have sorted out their enrolment before the General Election held just last year.”

Figures released in the lead up to the General Election last year by the Electoral Enrolment Centre showed 30,000 voters enrolling in the three weeks before the General Election. In two weeks since announcing the anti-smacking Referendum there have been 25,000 enrolments or updates.

“It is quite evident that NZ’ers are highly motivated to vote in this Referendum and the comments by senior politicians about its ambiguity and irrelevance have not been accepted by the voters,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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