Manukau City Council Hijacks Referendum Debate

Family First NZ says that the Manukau City Council is hijacking the debate on the anti-smacking law.

The Manukau Child Advocacy Group is hosting a so-called ‘discussion’ on the upcoming Referendum on the anti-smacking law this Tuesday yet they have invited the two leaders of the groups supporting the anti-smacking law but nobody from groups opposing the law and who are calling on people to vote no in the Referendum.

“The is a blatant act of sabotage by the Council and suggests that this discussion is more a ‘lecture’ on how people should think,” says Mr McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ, who has lived in Papatoetoe and Manurewa all his life.

“It further highlights that the Yes vote campaign is heavily funded and supported by the government and government funding.”

“Beth Wood and Hone Kaa are well known activists for criminalizing parents who may use a smack for the purpose of correction and it is quite likely that the MP for Mangere Su’a William Sio would also be supporting the anti-smacking law in line with the edict of the Labour party.”

“The Manukau Child Advocacy Group is supposed to be advocating for the welfare of children yet have no problem criminalizing the actions of non-abusive parents and treating them in the same way as rotten parents who abuse their children on a daily basis. How can this be in the best interests of these children to have their parents treated this way. And why aren’t they demanding action on the real causes of child abuse?”

“The fact that there is no representation from the Vote NO coalition of groups shows an unwillingness by the Council for robust debate – and that’s a disgrace,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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