Breast Cancer Foundation Takes Principled Stand

Family First to donate $1,000 to Breast Cancer Foundation.
Family First NZ is congratulating the Breast Cancer Foundation for refusing financial support from the ‘Boobs on Bikes’ parade.

“This is simply a cynical attempt by porn peddler Steve Crow to normalise the hard core porn industry,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“There is a huge difference between the work of the Breast Cancer Foundation and Steve Crow. The Breast Cancer Foundation is supporting women – Steve Crow’s industry is exploiting them. The Breast Cancer Foundation is about the serious issue of breast cancer – Crow is about marketing hard core porn. The Breast Cancer Foundation is welcomed by the community and families – Crow’s industry isn’t.”

“The Breast Cancer Foundation has taken a principled stand and Family First would encourage the public to show their support by donating to the foundation. Family First will start the ball rolling with a $1,000 donation.”

“For those who stand for decency, and who seek to protect families and children, a topless pornography parade during lunchtime causes widespread offence. These parades simply highlight the complete lack of action and concern on this issue by our politicians, and the liberal and inconsistent interpretation of the law being adopted by both the judiciary and the police,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“We would call on other businesses and charities to follow the principled lead of the Breast Cancer Foundation.”

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