PM Ignoring Clear Evidence of Smacking Prosecutions

Family First NZ is welcoming comments by the PM that the anti-smacking law could be changed as a result of the Referendum but is demanding a meeting with the Prime Minister to meet families that have already been victim of the anti-smacking law.

“Again today the Prime Minister has tried to argue that there have been no prosecutions under the anti-smacking law,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“This is completely incorrect, and police reviews show there have been 13 prosecutions since the law change, CYF acknowledge that families have been investigated wrongly for smacking, and Family First has put evidence of good parents being prosecuted and investigated before John Key. These cases have been independently examined and verified by a senior police officer.”

“It is disappointing that the PM is trying to argue that there have been no prosecutions when there clearly have been. The police should be correcting him on this inaccurate information.”

“It is also ironic that with a strong turnout predicted on the Referendum the PM is now acknowledging that there will be a strong ‘No’ vote. We could have saved $9m on an unnecessary Referendum because it seems quite evident that the politicians already know how NZ’ers feel about this law,” says Mr McCoskrie. “It is also quite evident that NZ’ers are not confused about the question.”


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