Families Commission Must Represent Families Not Politicians

Family First NZ is calling on the Families Commission to represent the voice of families, not politicians, and demand that the anti-smacking law is amended to protect good parents who may use a light smack.

“Almost 90% of voters have demanded a change to the law,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First. “This was not a rogue poll as claimed by Sue Bradford and government funded organisations. Polls done over the last four years have consistently average 83% opposition to the anti-smacking law.”

“The Families Commission must now step up to the mark and represent the voice of kiwi families in asking for a law change. It is not their role to represent politicians and government funded organizations. They should be representing the views and concerns of families.”

“The Referendum has simply been further confirmation that opposition to the law remains despite claims that it’s working, NZ’ers are desparate for strategies to target dysfunctional and abusive homes and rotten parents, but good families raising great children should be left alone to do their job.”

“If the Families Commission won’t step up to this job, they should be renamed,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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