Cabinet Ministers Urged To Speak Up

Family First NZ is urging senior Cabinet ministers to speak up at tomorrow’s cabinet meeting and demand that the anti-smacking law be amended in accordance with the clear message of the Referendum.

“Senior Cabinet Minister Nick Smith is quoted in the Nelson Daily Mail yesterday as saying ‘I always thought the previous wording in the law, allowing parents to use reasonable force to discipline a child, needed reform, but the message from this referendum is the change went too far.’”

“He is exactly right and we are asking him to battle for families in Cabinet tomorrow,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Other members of Cabinet, while in Opposition, told us that they wanted the Referendum to succeed and even asked for petition forms to distribute to collect signatures forcing a Referendum.”

“Tinkering with how a law is to be enforced as may be proposed by John Key is not what voters asked for. The law must be clear for parents – they deserve certainty in knowing that they are parenting within the law. The clear mandate is to decriminalise the act of a light smack.”

“That was the intention of National MP Chester Borrow’s amendment which virtually every National MP ferociously lobbied for until the ill-fated agreement between Helen Clark and John Key.”

“We are calling for Cabinet Ministers to demand a collective response to this important issue in accordance with what they have always believed on this issue, and to respect the voters who elected them to represent them,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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