Key ‘Softening Ground’ For Smacking Amendment

Family First NZ says that Prime Minister John Key is ‘softening the ground’ for an amendment of the anti-smacking law after labelling the law a ‘dog’s breakfast’ and admitting that the Boscawen amendment is the solution.

In a radio interview on Friday with Michael Laws on Radio Live, John Key said “it’s a complete and utter dog’s breakfast – let’s acknowledge that”, that it’s badly drafted, “extremely vague”, and “we believe the Borrows amendment was the right place to settle.”

“It is significant that this is the first time that the PM has blatantly admitted it’s an atrocious law and acknowledged the solution being the Borrows amendment which is now the Boscawen amendment. He should now fix the law under urgency for the sake of good parents in NZ.”

“The benchmark originally set by the PM was good parents being prosecuted for light smacking. Family First has already provided substantive evidence of prosecutions and children being removed temporarily by CYF for open hand smacks on the leg and bottom with no injury or harm.”

“Parents don’t want to be dog tucker for a flawed law,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Mr Key also acknowledged that the anti-smacking law labelled parents who used a smack as child abusers which he said was “bloody insulting”.

“The 88% ‘No’ vote in the Referendum confirms that Mr Key should act now, decriminalise light smacking, and then appoint a Royal Commission to identify and tackle the real causes of child abuse,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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