Foreign Students Exploited by Greed And Deficits

Family First NZ is alarmed at reports that foreign students at primary age level could be allowed in the country and argues that the welfare of children is being ignored.

“It can be highly traumatic for a young person to be separated from their family, to come to a foreign country and culture, and then live with unfamiliar people,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “To do this in order to get more funding for cash-poor schools is even more atrocious.”

“The welfare of children is playing second fiddle to the financial needs of cash-strapped schools who see foreign students as a cash cow.”

“And foreign parents who are desparate for a good education for their children may not take into consideration the developmental and emotional issues that will affect their child.”

“’Quality-assured providers’ are just that – providers. But they fail to meet the emotional, nurturing and attachment requirements that parents naturally provide,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“The government should reject this proposal, and should be working with schools to provide the funding necessary for them to operate unhindered by financial constraints. To use foreign students to meet this deficit is immoral.”


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