Families Commission Study Ignores Important Issues

Family First NZ is labelling a Families Commission report on gay and lesbian parenting as unnecessary and simply advocacy research which is a complete waste of taxpayer money.

The report “We’re a family”: A study of how lesbians and gay men are creating and maintaining family in New Zealand from the University of Canterbury, involves only 19 families and reveals nothing new that isn’t faced by any blended family,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“There is an abundance of research already on the challenges faced by non-biological parents and the Families Commission could simply have referred to this.”

“The Families Commission report also fails to tackle the thorny issue of assisted reproduction and whether it is appropriate for us as a society to be intentionally creating fatherless or motherless children. The granting of special rights to adults to have children can also mean children losing their rights to be raised by their biological parents, and with a mum and dad. But we must give primary consideration to the best interests of the child.”

“Earlier this month Family First NZ released a report “21 Reasons Why Marriage Matters” highlighting the psychological, social, economical and health benefits of marriage. This failed to get even a ‘peep’ out of the Commission despite its ramifications for policies around family structure, domestic violence and child abuse,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“While the commission remains mute on important issues affecting families such as 1.5 million NZ’ers opposing the anti-smacking law, and research on the importance of marriage and family structure, it has suddenly found its voice and funding on an issue affecting 1% of families.”

“Taxpayers will be wondering whether they should really be footing the bill for the Commission to get stuck into this kind of advocacy.”

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