Three Strikes Law Will Protect Families

Family First NZ is welcoming the adoption of the ‘three strikes’ law by the government, saying that it will help ensure the safety and welfare of families from repeat violent offenders.

“The best and most obvious way to protect women, children, and the elderly from repeat violent offenders is to incapacitate them,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The purpose of this law will be to warn ‘career criminals’ to find a new job or else they will become ‘career inmates’. They are effectively being given two chances to stop their violent behaviour. Some would argue this is still one too many.”

“This law will allow police, prosecutors and judges to intervene early enough to save lives instead of waiting for a violent offender to victimize another family member.”

“The Three Strikes law will also reinforce the “Its Not OK” message by taking victimisations seriously. A slap on the wrist for violence undermines our efforts to reduce tolerance for violence and the career choice of repeat violent offenders.”

“Supporters of this bill do not want ‘revenge’ – they simply wish to be able to live unmolested and not in the fear of violent criminals. This is called ‘justice.’ This law is a welcome step to protect families and to encourage offenders to change their ways urgently,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Family First NZ made a submission to the Law and Order Select Committee last year in support of the bill.

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