Bob McCoskrie: Childcare Debate Is the Church speaking up for Children & Families?

Bob McCoskrie – National Director – Family First NZ March 2010
I recently drove past a church complex which had the following sign up for its daycare – “Now enrolling under-2’s”. I asked myself, “Is the church acting in the best interests of children and families?” Should we be concerned at the way that churches have become part of the massive daycare industry?
But what troubled me the most is that we have not even had real debate around this issue. Have churches been blinded by the ‘cash cow’ of early childhood education? (ECE) Have they swallowed the line “Well, kids have to go somewhere so it may as well be to a church one” – without considering the wider implications of the welfare of children and the important role of parents?
It has been argued that childcare is simply a reflection of changing working patterns and family arrangements. However, it could also be argued that work patterns have changed because of the availability and government subsidizing of childcare.
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