Right to Quality Care, Not Right To Die

Family First NZ says that the case of a Wellington woman wanting to starve herself to death is a sad indictment of our health and palliative care in New Zealand, and sends a dangerous message regarding the right to die and suicide.

“Nobody can claim that Margaret Page’s first choice is to die by starving herself to death – but that seems the best option to her at the moment. That is the real tragedy,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “She is effectively being forced into this decision because our support systems are failing her.”

“To suggest that starving yourself to death is the best option, made with a sound mind, and a humane way to die is ludicrous.”

“When the medical fraternity argues that she has a right to die, they send a dangerous message regarding suicide. Does an unhappy teenager now believe that they have ‘a right to starve themselves to death’?”

“Ironically we are willing to force blood transfusions despite religious objections – yet this is completely appropriate in terms of the right to live.”

Mrs Page should be immediately given the quality palliative care she needs and deserves.

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