More Evidence of Good Parents Being Criminalised

Family First NZ says that the case of a Christchurch father being jailed for two nights and being denied access to his 4 year old for two weeks after a smacking allegation but who was discharged without conviction this week is more proof that good parents are being criminalized.

“The evidence clearly showed that the father was protecting his wife and newborn baby from being harmed by the 4-year-old who was having a tantrum. The physical action taken to remove the boy from the situation was completely appropriate in the circumstances, yet the family was taken through hell before the facts won the day,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The father was jailed for two nights and the boy was prevented from seeing his dad for two weeks. It was only the opinion of a child psychologist that allowed the boy to be returned. The investigation was appropriate but the actions of CYF and the police from the investigation on were completely wrong.”

“Parents will be nervous of any physical altercation with their children in public places now even if it may be necessary to protect others or to help bring children under control.”

“It’s time the Prime Minister faced up to the facts of cases like these and others that were misrepresented in the Latta review and delivered a law to parents that they want and need.”

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