Call for Review of Immigration and Study Visa Policies

Family First NZ is repeating its call for a review of immigration and study visa laws following the murder of Chinese teenager Jiayi Li. This follows on from a similar call made last month after the tragic suicide-deaths of a South Korean family in Christchurch.

“Immigration, work permits, and guardianship and study visas are being granted without due consideration of the harm and risks it may cause to families and young people,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“We should not be encouraging situations where either young people are being left in a foreign culture and separated from their family for long periods of time, or parents being separated with one parent remaining in NZ but the other parent returning to their home country.”

“This places enormous pressure on young people, some as young as 11, already adjusting to a new culture. It also leaves young people in a vulnerable situation of not having the supervision and care that they need from their family.”

“There is evidence of Asian students coming under the influence of gangs. Often the family believes that money will solve the problem, but it fails to deal with the care, supervision and family support that these people need. This can be mitigated by appropriate home-stay arrangements, but this still doesn’t replace the family and cultural involvement.”

“It is essential that the Immigration policies in NZ take a ‘family first’ approach rather than simply the economic benefits of the education industry,” says Mr McCoskie.

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