Bob McCoskrie: Pornography is not a private issue

Otago Daily Time OpinionĀ 21 Jun 2010
What we do in the privacy of our room defines character, argues Bob McCoskrie. Further, the media should show the same level of indignation towards their promotion of the pornography industry as they have towards Shane Jones.
In response to the viewing choices of Labour MP Shane Jones in his hotel room, both Labour leader Phil Goff and deputy leader Annette King said that what their MPs did in the privacy of their room was none of their business. While we always hope that our private attitudes and actions do not receive the same scrutiny as our public and outward appearance and words, they can not be separated because they define character. What we do in private manifests itself in the quality of our integrity, morality and leadership in the public domain.
Watching a movie containing bestiality or necrophilia, having an extra-marital affair, getting drunk and passing out, or purchasing the services of a prostitute can also happen in the privacy of our room and are completely legal. But are they right?

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