Political grandstanding a futile gesture

By Garth George
NZ Herald Jun 24, 2010
There are just eight days left for the Government to show some logic and common sense and to defer, at least, or abandon, at best, the costly, stupid and useless emissions trading scheme (ETS). I don’t accept what Act MP John Boscawen told a protest rally which gathered outside Parliament on Tuesday that the ETS is a fait accompli. Rather, I go along with Federated Farmers president Don Nicholson, who said he still hoped the Government would back down at the 11th hour and that pressure would be applied to Prime Minister John Key at the federation’s annual conference tomorrow. Mr Nicholson said he believed the public had not been sufficiently informed of the secondary or indirect costs of the scheme. “The direct costs might be obvious in the first month,” he said, “but the flow through is not. And that is where the deception in this whole thing is … farmers and public are just waking up to the high folly of this ETS.”
I go along, too, with Family First national director Bob McCoskrie, who told the gathering that the nation’s families will be penalised by a tax that will have virtually no affect whatsoever on the climate.

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