School Gate Brothel Closure Good for Families

Family First NZ is welcoming news that the brothel opposite an Intermediate school in Henderson has closed.

“For a residential brothel to be able to open in Lincoln Rd directly opposite a school entranceway where children are being dropped off and picked up by their parents shows that the law has failed,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“It is disappointing that it took negative publicity and the protests of residents, the school and parents to force the closure rather than the presence of bylaws to protect families in the first place.”

“It is one thing to have the prostitution industry in ‘red light’ areas that families can choose to avoid, but to allow street prostitution in family shopping areas and brothels next to a family home or sensitive sites such as a schools, playgrounds or churches is unacceptable.”

“The decriminalisation of prostitution has been a community disaster harming families, businesses, and the welfare of workers caught in the industry. Cities throughout NZ have been trying to deal with the ‘hospital pass’ given by the politicians when they passed this law,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“Its time for the government to amend the law in the interests of families,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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