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Alcohol Action’s response to Government’s alcohol plans
Published in the Dominion Post 26 August 2010
The Government made an interesting little promise when announcing their long awaited response to the Law Commission’s review earlier this week which, more than the timid and minimal response itself, sums up their irresponsible and uncaring attitude to the victims of alcohol.
Don’t worry, they reassured the public, their weak new alcohol laws will not come into effect until after the Rugby World Cup. Consider how morally bankrupt this is. The point of alcohol reform is to try to reduce New Zealand’s out-of-control heavy drinking culture, with all the crime, personal harm, broken families, domestic violence and chronic disease, while allowing low risk drinkers to continue as they are. Yet, even as the Minister announced their ineffectual policies, the message to the country was that current dangerous drinking was going to be just fine at Party Central because there will be no new regulation of heavy drinking brought in until after the event. These are the same “leaders” who refused to reduce blood alcohol levels and protect New Zealanders from legal drunken drivers (40% of the resulting injuries are borne by people other than the drunk driver), even when two thirds of the country indicated they wanted the levels dropped to 0.05. READ MORE

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