BSA Finally Wakes Up To TV Sleaze

Family First NZ is welcoming the decison by the Broadcasting Standards Authority to uphold complaints against sexual content in Home and Away – shown during ‘family viewing’ times, and the programme Hung.

“Finally, the authority has put the welfare and protection of families before the rights of broadcasters to offend children and families with sexual and offensive content,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Our research has shown that the 5.00-8.30pm viewing slots, ironically named ‘family viewing’ times, are anything but family friendly. They are saturated with foul language and sexual images, themes and innuendo. TV3 in its defence of its programming has shown that the broadcasters simply don’t self regulate or respect the family viewing expectation. Both main broadcasters have been in a race to the bottom of broadcasting standards.”

A recent independent survey of 1000 people found that 2/3’rds were concerned with the lack of standards during family viewing times.

“Unfortunately, the BSA is going to find it difficult to get traction on a slippery slope that they have created through their ‘missing-in-action’.”

“Perhaps, finally, they have woken up,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“We hope this decision sets an important precedent, and that families can grab back their family viewing times.”


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