Further Cases Highlight Flawed Smacking Law

A mother prosecuted by police for teaching a 9 year old about the consequences of stabbing others, a father prosecuted for controlling a child having a tantrum around a baby sibling, and a father losing access to his three children for two months after attempting to remove his daughter to time out, are amongst a number of new cases highlighted by Family First NZ showing the outcome of the anti-smacking law on good parents.

Family First has placed full page advertisements in the NZ Herald, Dominion Post, and the Christchurch Press highlighting these cases and challenging the Prime Minister to see the evidence and amend the law. The ads have been funded by families across NZ.

“Parenting in New Zealand has been put on trial. The politicians have dealt a heavy legislative blow to parents, and parents are feeling disempowered, disrespected, and demonised as child abusers. It is not surprising that research by the Families Commission found that only a third of parents believe that the government sees their role as important.”

“As well as that, the police are caught in the middle trying to balance the zero tolerance approach to family violence against the so-called discretion offered under the anti-smacking law.”

Family First NZ is challenging Prime Minister John Key to amend the law that he has labeled a dog’s breakfast, and introduce the amendment that he lobbied for before he became Prime Minister which decriminalizes light smacking for the purpose of correction.

“A recent online poll of 20,000-plus people found 94% support for an amendment of the law. All we’re asking is for the Prime Minister to see the compelling evidence that good parents are being criminalized, and respect the view of the 87% who opposed the law in the recent Referendum,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

Family First will soon be launching a website which contains important legal information for parents and exposes the myths around the claimed harms of smacking.

“NZ’ers have no confidence in this law and are confused by it,” says Mr McCoskrie. “While good parents are being criminalized by a law which is doing nothing to tackle the real problem of child abuse, we’ll continue to inform NZ’ers of the real impact of this law and demand action against actual child abusers and rotten parents.”

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