TV3’s ‘The Nation’ Makes Incorrect Statements

Family First NZ says that TV3’s The Nation has made incorrect statements today which need to be corrected.

Family First NZ has not endorsed or approved any candidate for the Rodney seat for the National party.

Family First NZ has no knowledge of the workings of candidate selection and no influence in the process, for any political party.

Family First NZ has no knowledge of Brent Robinson or his position on family issues.

Family First NZ does not endorse any candidate for any party. Family First NZ is focused on research, debate, and policies affecting families and educating families about these issues.

The Nation is correct when it quotes National Director Bob McCoskrie as saying that New Zealand needed more politicians who were social conservatives “who are willing to listen to the concerns of families and listen and act on the best interests of families rather than this anything goes, well too bad if we advertise alcohol, too bad if we have pokie machines to bad if we have loan sharks ripping off families you know too bad if there’s prostitutes in the neighbourhood next door to where your kids live, we’ve got to have politicians who say hey we can fix this.”

‘The Nation’ should get its facts right.


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