Dangerous Message – ‘Unborn Child Has No Rights’

Family First NZ says that a decision from the Court of Appeal that the law does not recognize or confer a right to life on the unborn child sends a dangerous message, and should make NZ’ers feel very queasy.

“The message that an unborn child has absolutely no rights is completely inconsistent with warning messages about prenatal alcohol and drug use, recognizing the unborn child as a victim with respect to violent crimes on pregnant women, and even the report released just yesterday by Sir Peter Gluckman referring to ‘environmental risks that occur prenatally’, says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“On the one hand we are imploring pregnant women to live a healthy lifestyle to enhance the wellbeing of their unborn child, yet on the other hand the courts are telling us that the child has no right to life. That’s a contradictory message that shows a complete disregard for the most vulnerable.”

“Just when does a child obtain the right to live? 30 weeks? 40 weeks? In the birthing room? At the first Plunket visit?”

Family First is calling for a law change that gives an unborn child the same human rights as any other human being.

“We should not allow discrimination against our most vulnerable,” says Mr McCoskrie.


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