Outrageous Fortune Episode Irresponsible, Indecent and Bad Taste

Family First is welcoming a decision by the Broadcasting Standards Authority to uphold complaints against Outrageous Fortune and requiring TV3 to broadcast the BSA decision.

“The programme breached standards of responsible programming, good taste and decency, and children’s interests. This was some of the worst programming seen on television at a time of night when many young people and families may be watching. What is most significant is that the 21 complaints were based on the content only in the first 10 minutes of the programme,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“TV3 has set a new low in tv standards and even had the gall to defend their programming. They tried to blame incompetence and warnings, and failed to acknowledge that they had any responsibility towards families at that time of night.”

“TV3’s apology for using the ‘c’ word was completely hypocritical when the rest of the show was consistently saturated with offensive language and sexual themes. In just the first 10 minutes of the episode concerned and shown on free to air television between 8.30 and 8.40pm, there were 8 uses of the ‘f’ word, 5 uses of ‘sh*t’ and ‘p*ss”, and a highly offensive sexual reference.”

“It is also significant that the dvd versions of the shows are R16 and labelled ‘Contains violence, offensive language, drug use and sex scenes.’ yet repeats of the programme are appearing on free-to air television at 8.30pm on a Saturday when children are watching. The fact that children shouldn’t be watching this type of programming was one of the defenses used by TV3,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Family First NZ wrote to NZ On Air to question their use of taxpayer funding for offensive programmes, and to the Minister of Broadcasting.

“NZ taxpayers have funded this programme to the tune of more than $48m – which is just as offensive as the content of the programme itself,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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