Credibility of Govt Report on Smacking Destroyed

The credibility of the ‘Latta report’ on smacking has been destroyed as a result of a new documentary released by Family First NZ.

“My Mummy’s A Criminal highlights five families who have been criminalised as a result of the anti-smacking law, in direct contradiction to the claims, promises and reassurances made by the Prime Minister, psychologist Nigel Latta, police and Child Youth and Family,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The documentary contains concrete evidence that the Prime Minister’s review of the smacking law carried out by Nigel Latta, the Police Commissioner, and the head of CYF contained glaring errors including
misrepresented basic facts by leaving out material information
factually wrong in some cases
contained the alleged actions of parents which were found to have no basis in court but which still presents the parent as being abusive,
failed to take into account the response of the court including discharges without conviction for what were previously claimed as serious assaults

“This is the report which the Prime Minister has relied upon to defend himself against criticism of his lack of inaction after the overwhelming rejection of the law in the Referendum.”

A senior Wellington lawyer featured in the documentary describes the Latta review as a ‘rubber stamping’ process.

One of the families has laid a formal complaint to the Ombudsman, and Family First is seeking legal advice on whether the report can be challenged in court.

“At the end of the day, the integrity of the Prime Minister and Phil Goff is now on the line – they promised that if good parents were criminalized as a result of the anti-smacking law, they would change it. The evidence is in that they have been. The Latta report is consigned to the rubbish bin,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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