Boobs on Bikes Parades Symbol of Impotent Political Will

Family First NZ says that the Boobs on Bikes parades being held in various cities this week are a symbol of the failure of politicians to act to protect families from the harmful effects of pornography and the objectification of women.

“The police and the judiciary are taking a liberal and inconsistent interpretation of what is deemed offensive and the politicians have failed to correct the anomaly,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The Boobs on Bikes parades are simply a commercial business advertising the porn industry, but more significantly, a cynical gesture and display of how our politicians have failed to deal with the problem and effects of hard-core pornography in our communities, especially when it applies to events in a public setting.”

“The fact that the hard-core porn industry can give a ‘two-fingered wave’ to local councils such as Hamilton and Tauranga, and have the police rolling over to accommodate them, proves that the protection of children and families is not being given priority.”

“Until a political party or individual MP with backbone is willing to have the Crimes Act ‘toughened up’ to more clearly define ‘offensive behaviour’, the problem will continue and get worse,’ says Mr McCoskrie.

“We cannot stop the pornography industry promoting their behaviour to a targeted private audience despite its harmful effects on women, children, and families. But for those who stand for decency, and who seek to protect families and children, a parade during lunchtimes down major streets in NZ causes widespread offence.”

“This parade simply highlights the complete lack of action on this issue by our politicians,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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