Sweden's smacking ban

Sweden’s smacking ban.
6th March 2003
Sweden’s Smacking Ban : More Harm than Good Robert E Larzelere – Associate Professor of Psychology University of Nebraska Medical Center
The Fatherless Families.
06 September 2002
Experiments in Living – The Fatherless Families The Institute for the Study of Civil Society UK www.civitas.org.uk
06 June 2006
Families need to own the issue of obesity Bob McCoskrie, National Director, Family First Lobby
TV Watching.
17th March 2008
http://www.familyfirst.org.nz/media_centre/published_articles/articles/tv_watching?download=1TV Watching should concern parents Bob McCoskrie, National Director, Family First NZ
Standards Board.
29th June 2006
Standards Board needs to show leadership Bob McCoskrie  National Director  Family First Lobby I have only complained to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) and the Advertising Standards Complaints Board (ASCB) a couple of times. It is not because I havent felt the urgent need to, but more because I see these Boards as part of the problem, not the solution…….
9th May 2006
Childs view of daycare must be considered Bob McCoskrie, National Director, Family First Lobby The Family First Lobby has come under fire because of its concern over 24 hour Childcare and the increasing trend of putting children into Childcare for longer periods of time.
Sex Education.
17th March 2008
Our youth deserve to know the facts of life Bob McCoskrie, National Director, Family First NZ

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