21 Reasons Why Gender Matters

Fatherhood Foundation Australia
21 Reasons Why Gender Mattershas 34 authors and contributors some of whom come from the USA like noted academic Dr Judith Reisman and well known author Dale O’Leary. Three of the authors are former homosexuals. Many others are noted Academics. The document is both well argued and compassionate and will prove a valuable resource for counselors and researchers. 21 Reasons Why Gender Matters has also had contributions from 5 medical doctors and a whole host of leaders and researchers’ from within the Australian marriage and family friendly men’s and fathers movement.
With 178 referenced footnotes and 34 authors, 21 Reasons Why Gender Matters has been released to the Family movement world wide as a resource document to be placed on family friendly web sites, printed out and used for the greater good of families around the world.
PDF downloads of 21 Reasons Why Gender Matters are available at the website. http://www.gendermatters.org.au/Home_files/21%20Reasons%20Why%20Gender%20Matters%28low%20res%29.pdf

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