Gardasil – A guide for parents and caregivers

Family Life International – Guide
In recent months the New Zealand public has been subjected to an intense marketing campaign promoting the new Gardasil vaccine manufactured by the international pharmaceutical company
Merck & CO. This marketing campaign has involved everything from posters in GP clinics, to radio advertisements, and even a New Zealand website. On top of this intensive marketing campaign, the
introduction of Gardasil has also been accompanied by a lot of news coverage in the mainstream media.
While the marketing campaign and the media coverage of Gardasil has been widespread and at times very emotive, it hasn’t actually fully informed Kiwi parents about all of the important facts about the
vaccine. The end result of this has been that many parents have been left unable to make fully informed decisions about this vaccine, and in some cases parents are even dramatically overestimating
the actual effectiveness and safety of the Gardasil vaccine because of the lack of information that has been provided to them.
Unlike much of the current and narrowly focused coverage of the Gardasil vaccine, our hope is that this simple guide will provide parents with a broader perspective, and this will empower them with the
basic information they need to make truly informed decisions about the Gardasil vaccine.

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