Garth George: Adoption creates potential geniuses

NZ Herald 20 Oct 2011
Much has been written about the life and achievements of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died at age 56 of the effects of pancreatic cancer early this month. But the thing that intrigued me about the man and his life was that he was adopted….. If he’d been conceived 20 or so years later, he might never have made it out of the womb in one piece. As Ken Orr, of Right to Life, put it to me this week: “Steve Jobs’ life is a reminder of the value of every human being made in the image and likeness of our Creator, a unique and unrepeatable miracle of God’s love sent into this world with a special plan to fulfil.” Back in the days when Mr Jobs was born, there were about 1200 adoptions a year in New Zealand. That rose steadily, as our prosperity improved, to a peak of more than 2500 in 1969, the year “illegitimate” status was abolished and unwed pregnancy began to lose its stigma. The number of adoptions gradually fell away year by year until the late 1970s, when abortion was decriminalised, and has gone down rapidly ever since. In the past 20 years, adoptions have varied between 230-odd in 1990 to a mere 40-odd in 2009.
….Sadly, there is little chance of any relief from the obscenity of abortion. Politicians don’t want to know. The leaders of the National, Labour and Maori parties declined to answer questions on that subject, and other family issues, put to them by Family First for its triennial “Value Your Vote” pamphlet.

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