Residents’ Action Gets Remuera Brothel Booted Out

Media Release 7 Dec 2011
Family First NZ is welcoming news that the residents in Remuera’s Ascot Ave near the Prime Minister’s residence have succeeded in getting rid of a residential brothel through community pressure. 

“It is disappointing that politicians have foisted a flawed prostitution law on families with the result of brothels setting up right next door to family homes – yet it has to take the determination and persistence of families to try and remedy this unacceptable situation,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 

“We have huge sympathy for the families in this neighbourhood – but they are not the first, and won’t be the last to be harmed until the politicians admit they made a mistake.” 

“Accounts of home brothels where men willing to pay for sex are knocking on nearby homes trying to find the brothel, and concerns about noise, traffic, and late-night visits experienced by residents is unfortunately nothing new to many residential streets around New Zealand experiencing having a brothel in their residential street.” 

“It is a national disgrace that we are exposing our children and families to that level of risk.” 

“The opposition to residential brothels in places such as Remuera, Greenlane, Albany, North Shore, Mt Victoria in Wellington, Christchurch, opposite a school in Henderson, attempts by Manukau City Council to tackle the problems of street prostitution in Papatoetoe and Manurewa, and opposition to the brothel in the main street of Dannevirke and Invercargill all show that communities are not accepting the liberalised and harmful laws.” 

“The decriminalisation of prostitution has been a community disaster harming families, businesses, and the welfare of workers caught in the industry. Cities throughout NZ have been trying to deal with the ‘hospital pass’ given by the politicians when they passed this law,” says Mr McCoskrie. 

“Rather than families having to battle this alone, they should have the support of laws that work and that protect them. It’s time the politicians delivered that law.”

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