Working to Restore Marriage Website After ‘Unprecedented’ Attack

Media Release 31 July 2012
Family First is hoping to restore their marriage website within the next 24 hours, after being cyber-attacked by opponents in an ‘unprecedented attack’. The website is and was launched in response to the private members bill of Labour MP Louisa Wall which seeks to redefine marriage.

The website crashed on its first day (Monday) after huge amounts of traffic through the site, and then again as a result of a ‘large scale denial of service attack’.

After contacting our webhost company, they informed us the following:

“Just letting you know your domain is currently experiencing a large scale denial of service attack, we’re currently actively blocking the IP addresses associated with the attack and will continue to monitor your domain throughout the day… you’re getting around 8000 MySQL connections a section in a large scale attack, your using about 18GB of RAM usage and in excess of 10,000 processes….your DDoS attack took out our entire network traffic about 100Mbps.”

“It is disappointing that some opponents in the marriage debate are unwilling to have robust debate and are resorting to desparate – but failed – attempts to shut us down,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “The web host company believes that it was an unprecedented large scale attack on a NZ website.”

“We are also disappointed that our web host company was targeted with offensive emails simply because they were a Christchurch business that we wanted to support and who were willing to host some of our websites.”

“The Protect Marriage website will provide research, latest news, quotes of interest, free downloadable resources about the role and function of marriage, and will host an online petition which will be presented to Parliament. It also has the haveyoursay tool which enables people to easily contact their local MP, all MP’s, or a select group of MP’s to express their view,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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