Auckland City Sex Hotel Approval ‘Shameful Decision’

Media Release 30 Nov 2012
Family First NZ is labeling the decision by Auckland City Council to give approval to a ‘sex hotel’ in the central city area as a shameful decision which will be offensive to many families and will open the floodgates to other similar red-light developments. Family First is also calling on Mayor Len Brown to step in and honour his commitment made before his election as Mayor. 

“The Auckland Council has ignored the overwhelming number of submissions questioning the location and the effect of the brothel on the character of the central city area,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“They have also ignored the provisions of the Resource Management Act, the Prostitution Reform Act and the council’s own District Plan which requires it to give due consideration to the location of the mega-brothel and to consider issues such as ‘adverse effects’, activities ‘likely to cause a nuisance or serious offence to ordinary members of the public using the area’, and ‘compatability with the existing character’ of the area.” 

“The proposed mega-brothel is not just a stand-alone brothel in a ‘red light’ area. It is part of a building which will be used by children and families because of its restaurants, accommodation and entertainment areas which could hold wedding receptions, conferences, kids’ activities etc. It is also located close to residential apartments, hotels, backpacker accommodation, churches, the Auckland City Mission, family restaurants, and opposite the main entrance to a major tourist attraction.”

 During the Supercity mayoral campaign, Family First asked Len Brown whether he would introduce and lobby for bylaws restricting brothels in residential areas and close to sensitive sites such as schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and shopping areas frequented by families and children. He responded:

“At Manukau City Council we adopted a brothels bylaw in 2004. The bylaw dictates that brothels are only allowed to be located within business zones 4-6, which effectively means that they can only be located on the periphery of town centres in the more industrial areas. Furthermore, our bylaw states that brothels cannot be located within 250 metres of an educational facility, community facility, or place of worship. I am strongly of the opinion that local communities should have a say on issues such as where brothels, liquor outlets, and gambling facilities are located. I believe that in the new Auckland Council local boards should have strong input into bylaws governing these types of activities.” 

“Why are the Chow brothers getting preference over the welfare of families? Auckland Council has given the green light to the big bold ‘red light’ in the heart of the city where there are tourists and families and children. This is completely unacceptable,” says Mr McCoskrie.

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