Super City Mayor Candidates Canvassed on Family Issues

Media Release 12 September 2013
Family First NZ has re-launched its Value Your Vote website and has asked the top four polling Auckland Super City Mayoral candidates about their views on a number of important family issues including alcohol outlets, street prostitution, housing affordability, offensive billboards, loan sharks and pokie machines, including the mega-brothel and the SkyCity Pokie deal with the government. 

“Most noticeable is that the top four candidates are unanimous that they will take strong action against alcohol outlets and trading hours, residential brothels, pokies, and loan sharks,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “This is especially encouraging when the politicians have been dragging their feet on these issues.”

“Also of interest is that regarding brothels in residential areas and near sensitive sites, Mayor Len Brown has moved from a ‘not sure’ status in our 2010 survey to a definite ‘yes’ in this survey, and seems keen to review bylaws which have allowed mega-brothels such as the Chow Brothers ‘sex hotel’.”

“Len Brown is also the only candidate wanting to take strong action against street prostitution nuisance currently dragging its way through Parliament.”

Unfortunately he is not willing to join the other candidates in a pledge to introduce bylaws and lobby for G-rated public billboards with a pre-vetting system.

None of the candidates are willing to ban R18 exhibitions such as the Erotica Expo and the Arms Show (banned by the previous Waitakere City Council) from council owned buildings, while there are some interesting comments from all candidates around the area of affordable housing and development. John Palino and Len Brown are also not willing to campaign for Parliament to remove GST on rates.

John Palino and Uesifili Unasa are keen to see offensive parades such as Boobs on Bikes banned.

“We hope that this website will assist voters in Auckland to vote for a mayor who values the same things that they value as a family,” says Mr McCoskrie.

(Family First also did a similar survey in 2010 )

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