Family Group Calls for Green MP to Resign

Media Release 16 May 2014
Family First NZ is shocked and horrified by Green MP Jan Logie’s personal attack on Finance Minister Bill English via a twitter message, and has labelled it as tacky, disrespectful, and offensive to families.

The tweet posted yesterday says:
John key says Bill English has produced as many budgets as children.. Begs the question who he has f&%d to produce it. #nzbudget

“Jan Logie should resign or publicly apologise to Mr English and to the public,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“It seems ironic that one of the Green Party’s values is to ‘Engage respectfully, without personal attacks.’ Ms Logie has betrayed those values with this nasty and offensive tweet.”

“As the Speaker often says in Parliament, she should ‘withdraw and apologise’ – not only to Mr English but also to voters.”

“New Zealanders are entitled to, and are demanding, a higher standard of debate than is currently being seen in the House and on social media. We’re tired of childish behaviour by politicians in Parliament. It sets a terrible example to our young people,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“This tweet takes it to a new low.”


Green MP sorry for tweet
Radio NZ News 20 May 2014
Green Party MP Jan Logie has offered to personally apologise to Finance Minister Bill English for a tweet she made last week about the Budget.

In the tweet, Ms Logie used an expletive while referring to Mr English’s six children and his six Budgets.

Mr English said he was not offended, but that it revealed the nasty side to the Greens.

Jan Logie said she regretted the tweet. “It was a play on words at the time and a reference to the treatment of the poor, but I know there’ve been multiple readings and I’m really mortified about those.”

Ms Logie has already said sorry on Twitter, but said she was happy to directly apologise to Mr English.

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