Don’t Ban Fireworks, Improve Safety & Supervision

Media Release 3 Nov 2014
Family First NZ is rejecting calls for a ban on fireworks, and says that a fireworks bbq party is one of the great family rituals for kiwi families.

“There is risk present in many activities that families and communities are involved in – contact sport, biking on public roads, playing at the local playground, trampolining, lighting a bbq, and many others. It is impossible to take away all risk, and to do so would actually do more harm than good. There is even risk associated with public fireworks displays as we witnessed at a recent All Blacks test at Eden Park. Rather than taking away the fun and joy of fireworks, we should be promoting a safety message and encourage parents to strongly supervise any use of fireworks,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“Regulations around the limited availability of sales have been just one positive step.”

Family First is calling on the government select committee considering a petition to ban fireworks to reject the call, but to ensure strong regulations around the types of fireworks, who can sell them, and when.

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