Make a Christmas Investment so we can fight!

When a charitable group who promotes the natural family as a fundamental social unit is deemed of “no public benefit”, you know a country is in deep trouble.

It’s not only our views they’re trying to muzzle – it’s your views also. Apparently, the importance of a mum and a dad and the creation of children is a “controversial” view in “contemporary NZ society“. Apparently your view has no “public benefit“. Really?                                                                                                   

The other issue is this: Who will they target next?

Pro-life groups who oppose the decriminalisation of abortion? Anti-drug community groups who oppose liberalised drug laws? Faith-based groups and churches who believe in traditional marriage? Parental groups who believe that girls’ changing rooms should be limited to only girls? Disability groups who oppose eugenics and euthanasia? Faith-based groups who may prefer to employ faith-based people?

This issue is actually far bigger than just the status of Family First NZ. It’s about freedom of speech, traditional values, and abuse of government power in NZ. 

That’s why we will fight this issue all the way. It’s actually not just about us. It’s about all charitable and faith-based groups and views deemed incorrect by the political elite. We need to fight this abuse of governmental power based on the prevailing politically-correct ideology.

To put it in perspective, apparently the views of these groups ARE acceptable, according to the Charities Board: Amnesty International New Zealand, Child Poverty Action Group, EPOCH, Human Rights Foundation Of Aotearoa New Zealand, Humanist Society of NZ, Agender Christchurch Inc, QSA Network Aotearoa, Waikato Queer Youth, Rainbow Youth Incorporated, Save Animals From Exploitation (S.A.F.E.), The Vegan Society of Aotearoa, NZ Aids Foundation, National Council of Women.

This quote (right) makes us angry, because it not only attacks our views – it also attacks yours!

Thanks for your consideration of this urgent request. Help us to continue to promote strong families, marriages, and the value of life, based on the principles that have benefited New Zealand for generations – and in the process, give you a voice! Family First NZ simply could not exist without your support and investment.

Our fight for your values just became a lot more urgent!                                             

Kind regards

Bob McCoskrie

National Director – Family First NZ

P.S: Many supporters have asked us who’s on the Charities Registration Board. You can see the members HERE

P.P.S: Have you watched our brand new promo yet?

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