Child abuse figures fall

Stuff 22 January 2015
Child-abuse figures have dropped for the first time in a decade, but are still “appallingly high”, the Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says.
The Government has released figures for the number of children abused in the year ending June 2014.
They show 19,623 findings of abuse substantiated against 16,289 children, compared to 22,984 findings of abuse against 18,595 children the previous year.
Of the 146,657 overall notifications made to Child, Youth and Family, 54,065 involving 43,590 children required further action.
That was compared to 148,659 notifications in 2013 where 61,877 reports required further action in relation to 48,527 children; a drop of 4937 children.
Broken down into types of abuse, last year’s figures show 9499 children were emotionally abused, 3178 were physically abused, 1294 were sexually abused, and 4230 suffered neglect.

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