Promotion of depression, suicide, drug use given green light

3News 3 February 2015
Notorious metal group Mayhem has been added to the Auckland’s Westfest 2015 line-up.
The band is considered one of the most important in the influential Norwegian black metal scene, gaining notoriety early in their career with violent stage shows, a former singer committing suicide and a former bass player being found guilty of murder and church burnings.
When Mayhem played in New Zealand in 2010, they were interviewed by David Farrier, and vocalist Attila Csihar told him: “To come to a Mayhem show is a healthy way to release anger and depression.”
At the time, Bob McCoskrie of Family First NZ told 3 News: “Any band that glorifies issues such as drug use, suicide, and negative behaviours associated with Satanism should be given a wide berth.
“We would ask that the censorship board do a pre-approval of their performance and lyrics to ensure they’re not breaking the law in encouraging illegal activity and containing offensive material.”

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