'No Judgement' policy for gender confused – but not pregnancy!

Gender Planet FitnessHere’s is the hypocrisy of the politically correct confused people
Remember this story earlier this week:

A Michigan gym reportedly canceled a woman’s membership after she refused to stop telling other members that “a man” was using the women’s locker room… Cormier reportedly received a call from the corporate officer telling her that she violated the “no judgment” policy. Cormier was told she was no longer welcomed at the gym after not agreeing to stop talking about the other person in the locker room.

gender planet fitness pregnanyApparently that “no judgement” policy doesn’t apply to pregnant women! Last year, this story was reported

An employee at a South Carolina Planet Fitness told Melissa Mantor to cover up her pregnant belly because she was violating the dress code….Mantor went back to the gym after the midriff incident to cancel her membership.

Good decision Melissa!
But isn’t it incredible that a confused man who feels he is a woman can go in to the women’s changing room unchallenged – and no judging allowed. But a woman with a beautiful pregnant belly – and “we gonna judge you lady”
Crazy world.

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